[Dropshipping can also be referred to as dropshipping by manufacturers for short, and it refers to a way of operation and sales in which dropshipping enterprises recruit direct sellers to sell directly to final consumers.

The World Association for dropshippingdefines the concept of [dropshipping in this way: dropshippingrefers to the direct introduction of products and services to consumers by independent marketers in a face-to-face manner through explanations and demonstrations in places other than fixed retail stores (such as personal residences, workplaces or other places).

Advantages of dropshipping :

Compared with other marketing methods, dropshipping has many advantages. The more important ones are:

Flexibility: it is not limited by time and space, and can be carried out at any time and place with the convenience of consumers and distributors;

The quality and quantity of information. Through face-to-face communication, all communication senses: hearing, vision, smell and touch can be applied. At the same time, consumers can explain their needs, and direct sellers provide information about products or services according to customers’ needs, so that consumers have a full understanding of products or services.

[Dropshipping companies refer to enterprises that sell products through dropshippingapproved in accordance with the regulations on the administration of dropshipping. Legal dropshipping companies have obtained the dropshippinglicense issued by the Ministry of Commerce. The list of legal dropshipping companies can be found on the website of the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

According to the investigation and research, the products suitable for sale through dropshipping channels must have three characteristics: differences, the need for demonstration, and the need for repeated purchases; The products sold by those successful well-known dropshipping companies have at least two of these characteristics. But a rough look at the products sold by dropshipping companies shows that almost any product can be sold through dropshipping channels.

For example, in Japan, almost half of new cars are sold through door-to-door direct sales; In the United States, customers from mass merchandising stores to long-distance telephone companies have used dropshipping to promote.